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  • I had a wonderful experience with Lone Oak. I have a LOT of anxiety about having my teeth worked on and the staff made me so comfortable. My previous dentist retired and I needed to find a new dentist. I knew I needed a crown but was very fearful of trying someone new. Dr. Jordan and his staff did an AMAZING job helping me to relax. I was especially impressed when Dr Jordan called to check on me after the procedure and gave me his cell phone number in case I needed anything. I couldn't be happier with my new dentist and would recommend Lone Oak with no hesitation.
  • The first time I went to them I felt very much at home. All of the staff acted very professional and courteous. I feel that my dental exam was very thorough and found problems that I was unaware of. The dental procedure was carried out efficiently, timely and with minimal discomfort. I'm very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend this practice to anyone. Their dental equipment seems very up-to-date and my dentist very knowledgeable.
  • The staff and Dr Brad were very pleasant and saw to it that I was very comfortable and the procedure was painless. Dr Brad very trustworthy he did just what he said he was doing and he quote the exact amount before he did the procedure. I would recommend Dr Brad and his staff.
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking to glamorize your smile before that new job or your wedding? Dr. Jordan has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and would love to discuss your options with you. Your smile should match your personality and give you confidence. We want to give you the smile you have always dreamed of!

Cosmetic dentistry typically refers to life-changing treatments such as veneers and all-porcelain crowns. Depending on your specific desires, dental history, and bite, we may recommend crowns instead of veneers.

Starting Your Smile Transformation

Before starting any cosmetic work, we need to make sure that the teeth to be altered are healthy and strong. Just like making an addition on your home, the first step is to make sure that the foundation is sturdy and free from cracks.

Next, in order to understand your wishes and determine what is possible when it comes to changing your smile, we will complete a Smile Analysis with you that critiques the shape, size, color, position, and appearance of your teeth. The next step is often creating a smile mockup. This mockup will be used to make temporary veneers or crowns for you to “test drive” and make sure that you like the length and shape of your new smile before the permanent restorations are made.

We really view this as an important step in the process. Wearing the mockup allows you to evaluate your bite during this stage, and your friends and family can give their input as to how your new smile may look.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Teeth that are worn from years of use or from clenching and grinding are not esthetically pleasing and can make a smile look aged. A common fix for a mouth full of worn teeth is a full mouth reconstruction. This involves crowns and veneers on all the teeth. The results are a much-improved smile with whiter, better-proportioned teeth, giving you a more youthful appearance. 

Small corrections such as chipped teeth, misshapen teeth, and rough teeth can often be corrected with bonding. Bonding involves adding tooth-colored fillings to the defect. These are often quick fixes and occasionally do not require the tooth to be anesthetized! 

Cosmetic dentistry often lasts many years as the restorations placed are made of strong materials, and we take extra time planning the treatment. At the completion of your case, we will likely make a night guard for you that will protect your beautiful new smile from any night grinding that may occur. Please see examples of the cosmetic dentistry Dr. Jordan has performed for some of his patients in the “Smile Gallery” section of our website. 

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