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  • I had a wonderful experience with Lone Oak. I have a LOT of anxiety about having my teeth worked on and the staff made me so comfortable. My previous dentist retired and I needed to find a new dentist. I knew I needed a crown but was very fearful of trying someone new. Dr. Jordan and his staff did an AMAZING job helping me to relax. I was especially impressed when Dr Jordan called to check on me after the procedure and gave me his cell phone number in case I needed anything. I couldn't be happier with my new dentist and would recommend Lone Oak with no hesitation.
  • The first time I went to them I felt very much at home. All of the staff acted very professional and courteous. I feel that my dental exam was very thorough and found problems that I was unaware of. The dental procedure was carried out efficiently, timely and with minimal discomfort. I'm very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend this practice to anyone. Their dental equipment seems very up-to-date and my dentist very knowledgeable.
  • The staff and Dr Brad were very pleasant and saw to it that I was very comfortable and the procedure was painless. Dr Brad very trustworthy he did just what he said he was doing and he quote the exact amount before he did the procedure. I would recommend Dr Brad and his staff.
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Full & Partial Dentures

Missing, broken, and loose teeth are embarrassing when smiling and a nuisance when eating. Dr. Jordan and his team have made numerous partial dentures and complete dentures for patients in the Brookings area. Replacing your missing teeth will make you confident enough to smile without hesitation around your friends and family. 

How Dentures Work

A partial denture is a removable appliance made to replace one or more teeth. This appliance hooks onto the strong teeth you already have. A great advantage of partial dentures is that the cost is the same if you are replacing two or twelve teeth. Partial dentures are an excellent tooth replacement option when there is not enough bone for dental implants to be placed. Possible alternatives to partial dentures are bridges and dental implants. 

Complete dentures replace all of the teeth in one or both upper and lower arches. Many Americans have dentures and are able to successfully eat and speak with them. Dentures can be made to look natural, and the size, shape, and color of the teeth can be chosen to mimic the smile you once had. Please see the examples of the dentures we have made for our patients in the “Smile Gallery” section of our website. Possible alternative treatment options to dentures are implant supported or retained dentures.

At your first visit to discuss a partial or dentures, we will examine your mouth and discuss your desires and goals. If necessary, we will request x-rays from your previous dentist or take new ones if appropriate.

Once we have developed a plan that will meet your expectations, we can begin making the full or partial denture. Before we begin making a partial denture, any gum disease you have needs to be treated, and any cavities filled. If you have any teeth that are in really bad shape, they must be removed. Since these appliances are customized to your mouth, it will likely take three to five short visits to make your appliance.

Caring for Dentures

Both partial dentures and complete dentures need to be routinely cleaned and cared for. Since the remaining teeth under a partial denture are crucial to the stability and retention of the appliance, these teeth will require excellent home care and regular dental cleanings and exams. Dentures should be cleaned daily and neither appliance should be worn at night. The gums can become irritated, and infection can result from unclean dentures or wearing your partials at night. 

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Broken, loose, and painful teeth don’t have to slow you down any longer! Call Lone Oak Dental today to schedule your appointment to discuss removing and replacing bad teeth with partials or dentures. We are excited to help you transform your smile and improve your dental health.