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  • I had a wonderful experience with Lone Oak. I have a LOT of anxiety about having my teeth worked on and the staff made me so comfortable. My previous dentist retired and I needed to find a new dentist. I knew I needed a crown but was very fearful of trying someone new. Dr. Jordan and his staff did an AMAZING job helping me to relax. I was especially impressed when Dr Jordan called to check on me after the procedure and gave me his cell phone number in case I needed anything. I couldn't be happier with my new dentist and would recommend Lone Oak with no hesitation.
  • The first time I went to them I felt very much at home. All of the staff acted very professional and courteous. I feel that my dental exam was very thorough and found problems that I was unaware of. The dental procedure was carried out efficiently, timely and with minimal discomfort. I'm very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend this practice to anyone. Their dental equipment seems very up-to-date and my dentist very knowledgeable.
  • The staff and Dr Brad were very pleasant and saw to it that I was very comfortable and the procedure was painless. Dr Brad very trustworthy he did just what he said he was doing and he quote the exact amount before he did the procedure. I would recommend Dr Brad and his staff.
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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you starting to feel pressure from your wisdom teeth coming in? Let the team at Lone Oak Dental get rid of those pesky unwise teeth! Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, and most people do not have enough room in their mouth for them, which can lead to several dental problems.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Third molars, which are commonly referred to as wisdom teeth, begin developing around age 10. It takes several years for the tooth to form and then erupt through the gums. There is a large variation in age at which these teeth erupt – from 16 to 30. Women often get their wisdom teeth before men, another reason why women are wise!

We recommend that wisdom teeth be removed before they erupt through the gums because they are easier to remove and the healing is often faster and less painful as the root has not fully developed. For most people, this is around ages 15 to 19.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Hurt?

Erupting wisdom teeth may lead to pressure felt in the jaw or other teeth. The process of erupting teeth can be painful; just think of when babies cry when they are teething. As the wisdom teeth come through the gums, there may be bleeding, red gums, and discomfort.

Since third molars are the furthest teeth back in the mouth, they are difficult to brush, floss, and keep clean. As a result, food and bacteria can become lodged in the area, leading to infection, pus, and swelling. At this point, removing the offending tooth is a dental necessity and should not be postponed.

What Happens When You Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Scheduling a wisdom tooth consultation at our office is a breeze. At this appointment, we will review your medical history and take an orthopantomograph (panoramic) x-ray, which looks at the development, position, and number of wisdom teeth. If Dr. Jordan determines that removing your wisdom teeth would be very complicated, or if your medical history is extensive, he will refer you to a group of local oral surgeons who we have confidence in.

When your wisdom teeth are removed, we will take the extra steps and time to make sure that it is a comfortable experience. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is offered to help reduce any anxiety you may have. In the near future, we will be offering sedation that will allow for you to be put to sleep so that you will not remember the procedure.

Before we anesthetize or numb you for the procedure, we place a topical anesthetic, which numbs the soft tissue. We then let the anesthetic work for at least five minutes before starting the procedure to make sure that it has its maximum effect. You should have no pain while the procedure is taking place.

After your wisdom teeth are removed, you will leave our office with ice packs to help reduce swelling and pain. Prescription and over-the-counter pain medications are often recommended. We will give you thorough instructions to help you through the healing process.

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Getting your third molars removed early on is a great way to prevent possible pain, infection, and dental problems later on. Dr. Jordan and his team have removed countless teeth and have learned techniques to make the process faster and reduce pain.  

Don’t let your pain from wisdom teeth continue any longer! Call, email, or stop by our office today!

Patient Testimonial:Thank you for removing wisdom teeth

Dear Dr. Jordan, Thank you for your expertise in removing wisdom teeth. The "care sheet" was especially useful and your follow up call later that night was appreciated. ... Read more