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Why are my kid’s teeth coming in behind the baby teeth?

Most children start having loose teeth around ages 5 or 6.  As children age, the roots of baby teeth should resorb as the adult tooth forms below it.  If the roots of the baby tooth do not resorb fast enough, the permanent tooth becomes displaced and continues on its path through the gums.  


Luckily, most of the time, this condition requires no treatment.  Usually, as the adult tooth erupts, the baby tooth root disappears and the child is able to remove the baby tooth on his or her own.  However, if the permanent tooth is all the way in and the baby tooth is not loose, there is a good chance that the baby tooth will have to be removed.  Once the adult tooth is in place, there is minimal to no pressure causing the root of the baby tooth to resorb.  Dr. Jordan can usually tell how much baby tooth root is remaining by taking an x-ray.  After the baby tooth is removed, the pressure from the tongue often pushes the permanent tooth into its correct position.

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