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At what age should my children be seen by a dentist?

Our office agrees with the American Dental Association’s recommendation that all children should be seen by age one. This allows the child and family to establish a dental home for the child where he or she can be seen for routine dental care as they grow. If the first visits that a child has to the dentist are pleasant and positive, the child is much more likely to cooperate when dental fillings are needed and have less anxiety.

Visits during early childhood also help establish good dental hygiene and education regarding thumb sucking, crossbites, and diet. Significant problems such as crossbites, when caught early, can be quickly treated and reduce the amount of time needed for orthodontics.

A common problem seen in infants is “baby bottle decay.” Infants and toddlers can develop these cavities from drinking juice, soda, and sports drinks, especially if they are put to sleep with these drinks in their bottles. These sugary beverages sit on the child’s teeth and allow the cavities to grow quickly. Baby bottle decay usually involves the upper front teeth, but when advanced, involves almost all the teeth. When children visit Dr. Jordan, he is able to look for decay and review the child’s diet with parents.

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