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When are implants preferred over bridges?

Bridges and dental implants both have advantages and disadvantages.  Bridges are anchored with two or more teeth while implants are put in where the teeth are missing.  One great advantage of bridges is that they can often be completed in about a month.  Implants however, require 4 or more months for the missing teeth to be in place and functioning.


Bridges are preferred when a tooth has been missing for many years and the placement of an implant would require extensive bone grafting.  Some patients are not good candidates for implant surgery due to their health history and for them, a bridge would be beneficial.  Since bridges use the adjacent teeth as anchors, if the adjacent teeth are broken and require large restorations, a bridge can solve the problem of the missing tooth and the broken teeth at once!


Implants are great in many situations.  If the teeth next to the missing tooth have had small fillings, an implant is the recommended treatment.  When the adjacent teeth have had root canals or posts, an implant is likely the best option since applying force to these teeth may cause a crack.  


Overall, in most situations, a dental implant is the best treatment option.  If you are considering a bridge or dental implant and would like a professional opinion, contact Lone Oak Dental today!

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