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Why do I have cavities at every check-up?

Cavities form when there are too many bacteria eating too much sugar.  If you are able to reduce the bacteria and almost eliminate the sugar, the number of cavities you get should be minimal.  


Reducing the bacteria can be accomplished by brushing thoroughly for two minutes, twice daily and flossing.  Oh no, they said it, flossing.  40% of your tooth is touching another tooth and the only way to get it clean is with that white stringy stuff.  


We all know that soda and candy cause cavities, but what about other foods?  Foods like crackers and juice seem innocent but in reality have lots of sugar.  Other foods and drinks to avoid in high amounts include raisins, honey, syrup, applesauce and sports drinks like Gatorade.


Medications used to treat conditions such as blood pressure, depression, anxiety or diabetes reduce the amount of saliva your body makes.  Having enough saliva is essential to prevent cavities as it naturally contains antibodies and helps remineralize the tooth with calcium and fluoride after eating and drinking.  If you have a dry mouth, talk to Dr. Jordan about Biotene products and prescription fluoride toothpaste which should greatly help prevent multiple visits to fix cavities.  

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