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What should I expect at my first visit?

Congratulations on taking the first step in improving your oral health!  By scheduling an appointment at our dental office, you are taking the initiative on creating whole body and oral health.  When making an appointment at our office for your first visit, there are generally two types of appointments, a comprehensive exam or a problem focused exam.  


Whenever possible, we encourage our new patients to begin with a comprehensive exam.  At this visit, we will review your health history, the medications you are currently taking and any previous surgeries that you have had.  You can expedite the initial process by  filling our the "New Patient Registration Forms" under the "Forms" tab on our website.  If you are transferring into our dental clinic, we will likely request any recent x-rays from your previous clinics.  If necessary, our dental hygienist or assistant will take new radiographs (x-rays).  Our dentist, Dr. Jordan, will thoroughly evaluate the radiographs to look for problems with your jaw joint, jaw bone, gum disease and cavities.  After examining your mouth, gums and teeth, any problems will be identified.  For those that have a few minor problems, a simple treatment plan will be developed and presented to you.  If you are having multiple problems, we will likely present several ways to treat those areas.  When working with you to treat your dental problems, our goal is to develop a plan that eliminates disease, is acceptable to you, is affordable and provides long term success.


If you are having pain or have a specific concern, we will schedule you for a problem focused exam.  Like the comprehensive exam, we will review your medical history and any prescription drugs you are taking.  If required, an x-ray will be taken of the area of concern.  Dr. Jordan will thoroughly evaluate the tooth or area.  He will discuss the findings with you and the options available.  Our goal at this visit is to address and eliminate the concern.  Please contact our office today in Brookings!

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