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What foods and drinks are good for my teeth?

We often hear and are told about the foods that are terrible for our teeth.  Okay, so what drinks and foods are good for your teeth?  We have some answers.

Vegetables are awesome for your teeth!  That’s right, the broccoli, carrots, green beans and peas your grandmother encouraged you to eat are great for your pearly whites.  

As expected, foods containing calcium like cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese help strengthen teeth as they form.  Once teeth are fully developed, consuming these foods regularly when combined with brushing with fluoridated toothpaste will strengthen your enamel.  

Everyone knows that soda and energy drinks are bad for your teeth due to their high sugar content and how acidic they are.  The best drinks for your teeth are tap water and milk.  We emphasize tap water because most municipal water systems add fluoride to their water.  This fluoride, when consumed regularly, replaces weak spots in enamel.  Our 4 legged pasture buddies have another drink that is great for our teeth, milk.  Yep, milk is great for your teeth for the same reasons that cheese is, low in sugar and high in calcium.

There are a few other drinks that are okay for your teeth.  Coffee, green tea and black tea won’t hurt your teeth unless you add sugar to them.  Tea and coffee will stain teeth due to the tannins that are naturally found in these drinks.  Thankfully, you can be rest assured when you need a pick-me-up that you are not hurting your teeth!

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