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I'm not happy with my smile, what can be done?

Many Americans are not happy with their smile.  Some don’t like the shape or size of their teeth, others don’t like the color.  Crooked and overlapping teeth are also a common complaint.


The great news is that there are many options to improve your smile!  The technology today has given us clear aligners, Invisalign, and clear braces to straighten teeth.  Orthodontic options such as Invisalign and clear aligners allow us to move teeth into the correct position, get rid of crowding and overlapped teeth.  For chipped, worn and decayed teeth, we have treatments such as white fillings, veneers and cosmetic crowns.


Dr. Jordan believes that almost everyone that is unhappy with their smile can benefit from straightening their teeth and whitening.  With that in mind, a great way to start improving your smile is by using over the counter whitening strips.

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