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My parents are getting older, what I can I do to help their dental health?

With age come the wonderful privileges in life such as grandchildren and retirement.  Unfortunately, there are the not so wonderful aspects such as wrinkles, stronger glasses and medical conditions.  


As we age, many of us develop medical conditions which are treated with medications.  The most common side effect of any medication is dry mouth. Dry mouth, known as xerostomia can lead to very aggressive dental decay.  Dry mouth is best managed with xylitol gums and lozenges, drinking tap water throughout the day and over the counter saliva substitutes.


If your loved one or parent has a difficult time brushing their teeth, consider wrapping the toothbrush handle with duct tape.  In addition, electric toothbrushes are excellent for those with dexterity problems and arthritis.


Along with oral hygiene, a balanced diet is crucial in preventing dental cavities.  Encourage your parent to avoid soda, candies and creamer in their coffee. Any food or drink high in sugar content combined with a dry mouth will lead to deep cavities quickly.  


Routine and frequent dental visits are important for the elderly as much as they are for children.  Frequent visits help Dr. Jordan and his staff detect cavities and gum disease in their early stages so they can be treated with a higher success rate.  


If you would like to make and appointment for your aging loved one or parent, please contact us today!



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