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I have receding gums, what can be done?

Gum recession can make your teeth sensitive to cold, hot and brushing.  Most of the time, the receding gums are caused by brushing too hard.  The plaque and food that accumulates on teeth is soft and therefore does not require firm pressure to be removed.  If you are having to replace your toothbrush often because the bristles are bent or rolled over, you are using too much pressure.  Recession can also be caused by bite abnormalities and gum disease.  


When treating gum recession, an important objective is to stop further recession.  In order to do so, Dr. Jordan must determine the cause.  He will take any appropriate x-rays, examine your bite and review your dental history such as if you have had gum disease therapy.  If the area is small and not sensitive, sometimes no treatment is necessary.  For minimal sensitivity and recession, toothpastes such as Sensodyne work well when used regularly.  


For larger areas where the root is exposed and sensitive, a filling can be placed to seal the tooth and reduce or eliminate the pain to cold and hot.  However, often the best long term treatment is grafting the area using a gum graft.  This procedure gives the best cosmetic result, covers the root where the sensitivity occurs and does not require removal of tooth structure.  


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