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My tooth is sensitive when I bite, why is that?

Sensitivity to biting can be caused by several things.  If you just had a filling placed or cap done, your bite may be high on that new restoration which will make the tooth sore and cold sensitive.  This can be remedied by adjusting your bite and relieving the pressure on that tooth.  


Another cause of soreness on chewing is a cracked tooth.  The most commonly cracked teeth are lower molars and upper premolars.  Cracked teeth may or may not have fillings in them.  The pain associated with these teeth is due to the separation of the two pieces of tooth when biting forces are applied.  Cracked teeth usually need to be be crowned but occasionally require root canal treatment.  Prompt treatment of a crack can potentially save you from a root canal, so do not delay scheduling an appointment at our dental office.   


Deep decay or cracks can eventually lead to the nerve in a tooth dying.  As the nerve in the tooth dies, bacteria begin to move out of the tooth into the bone and gum tissues.  These teeth are often very sensitive to biting and tapping but have no feeling to hot or cold.  If left untreated, these teeth will often abscess which can lead to a weekend of pain or swelling.  

Pain with chewing or biting is a warning sign that our bodies give when something is not right.  Do not delay dental treatment at our Brookings dental office as prompt treatment may save you time, money and from intense pain.  

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